Shopping In Dehradun

The main shopping areas in Dehradun are the Paltan Bazaar and the Rajpur Road.

Rajpur Road

Shopping In Rajpur Road DehradunThis is Dehradun’s most famous road. Long drives down Rajpur Road are a part of every Doonite’s memories. Rajpur Road starts from the Clock Tower and ends at the Rajpur village. The Astley Hall area on Rajpur Road is a favourite hang out spot. Astley Hall has fast food chains, a gaming parlour, ice cream parlours and a number of good restaurants and shops. Most of the top brands in the country have their retail outlets on Rajpur Road.

Paltan Bazaar

shopping in paltan bazaar dehradunThe Paltan Bazaar is the main market of Dehradun. It is located right in the heart of the town, near the Clock Tower. It is a shopper’s paradise with all kinds of merchandise. One can buy Dehradun’s specialties--Basmati Rice and hand made woollens from here. The side pavements are heavily encroached and it is best covered on foot or a two wheeler. At the center of the Paltan Bazaar is the fruit and vegetable market. Rama Market in Paltan Bazaar is favorite haunt of ladies to purchase beautiful bed linen and export quality fabrics in pleasing prints. Many printer shops are also based here. For purchasing school and college books and stationery, ask for Dispensary Road in the Paltan Bazaar area. For those who believe in the power of herbs to cure all ailments, Dehradun has two well stocked stores famous for Jadi Bootis (herbs and medicinal plants) located near the Kotwali in Paltan Bazaar.


What to buy in Dehradun

Basmati Rice
The long grained fragrant Dehraduni Basmati rice is famous all over India and the world.


Woollen Items
Hand made woollens are a thriving cottage industry in Dehradun. There are many shops all around Dehradun and Mussoorie stocking brightly coloured shawls, hand knit socks, caps, mufflers and sweaters in all sizes.


Dehradun still has a number of litchi trees though sadly, with increased construction activity, the number of trees has sharply declined. Old homes in the city are sure to have a couple of litchi trees in their gardens. June is the time when one can see bunches of freshly picked litchi being sold all over town. In the other months, one can pick up canned litchi and litchi squash.


Bakery Goods
Dehradun is very well known for bakery goodies. Plum cakes, Pista biscuits, Baby biscuits, Cake rusks, Milk rusks, Stick jaws...these are the most popular items demanded by friends and relatives staying outside Dehradun.