Foot Over Bridges to be Constructed Over Main Crossings in Dehradun

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Wednesday, 14 August 2013 13:40

These days with the ever increasing number of vehicles, lack of proper zebra crossings and insensitivity of drivers towards pedestrians, crossing the road is quite an ordeal in Dehradun, especially at busy intersections. To cross safely, one literally has to sprint across the road as soon as there is a lull in the traffic. This is not possible for everybody especially children and elderly and very risky also. Realizing this, the MDDA is finally taking some action.

Footover Bridges will come up over four of the busiest crossings of the city. These four heavy traffic areas have been identified as Clock Tower, Darshanlal Chowk, Tehsil Chowk and Astley Hall. The space too has been earmarked. At the Clock Tower the bridge will come up from Patel Market to GPO. At Darshanlal Chowk, from Panchayati Mandir to CPWD premises. At Tehsil Chowk, the foot over bridge will be constructed from the PWD land to DSO (District Supply Office) and at Astley Hall from Congress Bhawan to Astley Hall Complex, near Central Bank of India premises. MDDA is in the process of expediting the execution of the construction of the bridges.