B-Town in distress due to Fake Twitter IDs

Bollywood's iconic super star Amitabh Bachchan is well known for his prolific activities on Twitter. In fact he himself confirmed in a recent tweet that he has not missed a single day of tweeting ever since he joined Twitter. To date he has 12,284 tweets to his credit. Twitter is a great way to inform your followers about your activities. It is straight from the horse's mouth so to say. But the problem comes when somebody starts to tweet claiming to be you and manages to get a fan following on the fake twitter id. This happened in the case of Big B's daughter-in-law, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. A lot of people were following her thinking her to be the 'real' Aishwarya. But it turned out to be an imposter. This was confirmed by Amitabh Bachchan himself. Recently, Big B announced on Twitter that, the Twitter ID aishwarya_rai is a fake one and that Aishwarya Rai Bachchan does not have a Twitter account.

Big B tweeted, "Just came across an ID: aishwarya_rai ... this is a fake, it is not Aishwarya's, she is not on twitter at all."

Big B himself has fallen victim to a fake twitter account in his name. Sometime back, there were reports about a mysterious person setting up a fake Twitter account in the name of Big B to tweet harmful claims against Shah Rukh Khan's Ra.One. While Big B's account is '@SrBachchan', the impersonator was using an id '@ SrBachhann'.

Senior Bachchan reacted instantly and harshly to this. The angry star furiously tweeted, "Fake ID of mine being used to write thoughts on Ra.One….and not just these remarks on Ra.One ..many harmful, totally false allegations are being directed to me..I will not endure this."

Another Indian celebrity who has fallen victim to a fake Twitter identity was Tamil star Trisha. Someone created a fake id 'trishatrashers' of hers on Twitter and has been uploading the same pictures and updates on Trisha which she was uploading on her real id. This created a lot of confusion among her fans and they started doubting which one was authentic.

Infuriated Trisha tweeted, "My original id is trishtrashers and not trishatrashers. I have taken the matter to the notice of Twitter management. Hope they take an action soon." She further added, "Some time back, the person claimed that both the ids belong to Trisha. She/he has been copying all my messages."

The current twitter brawl between actress Chitrangada Singh and model Poonam Pandey was also a result of a fake account user of the former.

The fight started when Chitrangada's fake account user slammed Poonam by tweeting, "How do you compete with Poonam Pandey, when she is ready to strip for kabbadi matches? (sic)" Reacting not too well to this, Poonam tweeted back, "Jealousy: That's what makes a bitch talk."

Well, it seems the time has come when Twitter Management should come forward to the rescue of these celebrities. Fake ids can cause irreparable damage to people's reputations and relationships with each other if not checked.