Is Madhur Bhandarkar’s ‘Heroine’ inspired by Manisha Koirala's life??

Director, Madhur Bhandarkar is known well for his fervor to make movies based on real life stories. After making movies like 'Fashion', 'Chandini Bar', 'Page Three', 'Traffic Signal', Madhur's new venture and highly anticipated film 'Heroine' starring Kareena Kapoor is speculated to be based on Manisha Koirala's life. The storyline of the film revolves around the life of a once successful film actress Mahi Arora, whose career is on the decline.

Manisha Koirala, Nepali beauty and the early 2000 avatar of Meena Kumari, witnessed a gradual decline in her personal and professional life during mid 2005. Her addiction to alcohol and failed relationships dropped her confidence level as the drunken incidents went public and she gathered maximum media attention.

In the past, media has spotted Manisha in various awkward situations. She was seen heavily drunk at a friend's party, in an outrageous outfit and was not able to manage herself well. She had been witnessing a rough phase in her personal relationships and her recent marriage with a Nepali businessman Samrat Dahal is considered to be in a mess. It was also rumored that she filed divorce from her husband.

'Heroine' has been in trouble ever since its announcement. Madhur's original choice for the movie was Aishwarya Rai Bachchan but the actress was dropped out when she allegedly hid her pregnancy from the director. Even there were rumors that the film is inspired from Hollywood actress Marilyn Monroe. However, Madhur denied that his film revolves around any successful actress. Let's wait and watch if 'Heroine' is actually inspired by Manisha Koirala or someone else!!