The Great Indian Consumer @ the Big Bazaar, Dehradun

Doonites are enjoying the ‘Sabse Saste Paanch Din’ offer running from 25th January 2012 till 29th January 2012 at the newly opened hyper market, Big Baazar. Mega discounts and super savings offers are being offered on everything from clothes, shoes, bed linen, suitcases, kitchen appliances to daily need items like oil, tea, biscuits and cosmetics.

Big Bazaar opened in Dehradun barely a month ago. The group had announced in July last year its target to set up 25-30 new Big Bazaar outlets by June 2012 in the smaller cities of India. If the frenzy at Big Bazaar’s event, ‘Sabse Saste Paanch Din’ is anything to go by, Big Baazaar has already begun to impact Doonites and the way they shop!

Big Bazaar is part of FutureValue Retail Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of Future Group headed by Kishore Biyani. Popularly known as India’s retail king, Biyani started his career by selling stone wash fabric to small shops in Mumbai. Born into a small trading family, Biyani defied convention when he chose not to enter the family business. In his own words, “I was called the black sheep of the family. I was not a conventional thinker and I questioned tradition. Many times, my views were contrary to the popular view. I also became an atheist as I grew up. I don’t go to temples but I would not displease my family if they tell me to come to the temple occasionally. Though I must tell you that I go to Tirupati every three years. But, that is to understand how Tirupati is changing. Tirupati represents a large section of society. It represents how a typical Indian really is and behaves.”

Biyani is known for his insights into Indian consumer behaviour. The Future Group has about 22 different retailing formats. Biyani says, “We come to know within one month of launching a new format whether it is working or not. We launch it and the consumer tells us whether it will work or not. We get a feel for it while we are launching it, but the consumer tells us everything else. It is like a movie. First day, first show, the consumers tell you whether they like you or hate you. It is for you to notice and pick up what they are saying.”

For Biyani, “Success is when people start following you or start believing in your thoughts, and whatever you do is accepted. The consumers tell you that you have done something right when they keep coming again and again into your shop.”

Biyani’s great knack of reading the Indian consumer’s behaviour has made him the Czar of Indian retail. To get a deeper insight into the man and what makes him tick, it is worth reading his book, It Happened in India, the story of Pantaloons, Big Bazaar, Central and the great Indian Consumer.