Earth Warriors of Doon Celebrate World Environment Day

Mahatma Gandhi said, "There is a sufficiency in the world for man’s needs but not for his greed." The earth is bountiful enough to provide for all our needs but we are ravaging her for our never ending greed.

The 5th of June is celebrated as the World Environment Day every year. To mark the day, an event called “Let’s Clean Doon Together” was conducted at Gandhi Park. The objective was to spread awareness among the citizens of Doon and take a step towards a cleaner and better planet. The event was organized by Ms. Jodie Underhill of the ‘Mountain Cleaners’ organisation. The vibrant British lady, who had earlier been staying in Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh has now moved down to Dehradun and taken up the initiative of building a cleaner environment around the town. Her noble cause has been funded by Max India Foundation, who have helped her launch a 2 year project called “Let’s Clean Doon Together”, assisting her with Rs. 20 lacs.

The programme commenced at 3:00 pm, featuring a stall to provide information and tips about saving the Environment. Various banners saying, ‘I am Nature’, ‘Love where you live’, ‘Be clean, Think Green’, and so on, were prepared by the local street children. Vibrant members of various NGOs were seen actively taking part in the cause. The youthful members of the ‘Make A Difference’ society, more popularly known as MAD said, “We hope that more and more people become sensitive towards the needs of the environment, not just on 5th June but on all days of the year because this is an issue which needs our exclusive attention. It’s now or never.” A member of the U-turn Foundation explained, “Polythene bags are the worst enemy in this era. We thus need the State Government to pass a law that the polythenes should be banned.” Other NGO’s such as ‘Citizens of Green Doon’ also elaborated the need of planting more trees.

On the agenda was a rally from Gandhi Park to the Clock Tower, which was inaugurated by the Mayor of Dehradun, Mr. Vinod Chamoli. Mr. Chamoli said, "It is the duty of each and every citizen to take up the task of building a cleaner world. The NGOs can just spread awareness, its each one of us who has to implement it. Ultimately, it all comes down to our efforts." He also announced that the State government will ban the use of polythene bags within 30 days. Many folk songs were sung about the Environment and a skit enacted showing why it is important to save the trees and the Environment at large.

The programme instilled in everyone present a passion and sense of mission to save our Mother Earth. As citizens of this beautiful planet, it is no longer enough to call ourselves environmental friendly. The situation calls for each one of us has to don the mantle of an Earth Warrior.